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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  September 2, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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here at dw-tv. >> here are the headlines this hour. diplomatic downgrade. turkey expelled the israeli ambassador over last year's gaza flotilla re. >> out the door. international auditors say not enough work has been done. >> and back in the barn. the proper route the cannot get enough of yvonne. the cal who found her way home -- the cow who found her way home. relations between turkey and israel are at a low this friday. israel is refusing to apologize for a raid at last year on the flotilla of eight boats headed for gaza. several turks died in that raid. turkey has expelled the israeli ambassador.
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the report finds israel's blockade of gaza is legitimate. >> the un report was leaked to the new york times and has resulted in a major diplomatic row. the u.s. investigation deemed the blockade legal. israeli soldiers had the right to defend themselves against organized and violent resistance on the aid flotilla. the report also called a military operation excessive and said the loss of life was unacceptable. turkey reacted angrily to the incident. it has now decided to take the matter a step further. >> it is now time for the israeli government to pay a price for seeing itself as being above the law and performing illegitimate actions without taking into account human conscience. this will be the deprivation of turkey's friendship. >> turkey and israel have long
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enjoyed a close relationship, but relations for the moment our summer. a former israeli ambassador to turkey believes the cutting of military ties could have far- reaching consequences for the entire region. >> the damage to the bilateral link is substantial, but the worrying thing is the spillover. if it will affect the egyptian decision and the jordanian decision to expel the israeli ambassador or not. >> turkey continues to insist on an apology from the israeli government. a move that now seems even more remote. >> the talk about greece, greece cannot make its auditors have become a candidate? >> i think it still has to do a bit more of its homework as its deficit target is in trouble. international auditors have left a key review of the country's finances, say more work is needed.
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they all have to be happy with cost-cutting progress to get the next bailout in september. >> the team of experts from the eu, ecb, an imf were supposed to review the austerity reforms right into next week, but there visit ended ahead of time. it is not yet clear why the review was put on hold. a statement released by the auditor says progress was being made, but that more technical information was required. the finance minister quashed rumors that the audit was called off over disagreements between the greeks and the debt inspectors. he did say that he was standing firm on certain issues. >> some positions are not negotiable for our government. we want to protect the interest of the greek economy as well as the hopes of the greek people, especially the young, for a better future. >> political pressure is mounting as the greek economy
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continues to shrink and a worsening recession makes it harder to meet 2011 deficit targets. after the summer break, athens once again became 8 be new for protests. on thursday, students filled the streets -- once again be camea venue for protests. the whole country fears of another round of belt-tightening is just around the corner. the next installment of the country's bailout is due at the end of september, but it will not be paid out before the contras have finished their work. >> the shadows also darken european equity markets on friday, but it was not always gloom and doom. >> another gloomy day at the frankfurt stock exchange, worries on greased and about bank stability were the reasons for that. the dax loss dramatically. when you look at the week's
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results, you can hardly believe that, the dax almost unchanged. it lost ground in that black month of august, but then that momentum petered out and bad news came rolling back in. but the people at least are glad that august has ended. looking into the new week, they are pessimistic that the week will be any better because the old problems that affect the market are still out there. >> let's take a look at some european closing numbers now. in frankfurt, the dax ended the week down in negative territory by 3%. >> cosimo and serbia have
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reached an agreement -- kosovo and serbia have reached an agreement that should put an end to trade disputes. one police officer was killed in the clash. serbia does not recognized kosovo's independence. the united nations is set to hold a vote on palestinian statehood later this month, and that has been high on the agenda at a meeting of eu foreign ministers that took place in poland. leaders are struggling to find a common position on statehood. that come out -- france and britain say they would support statehood. diplomats say the eu could recognize the palestinian territory but only if they have observer status at the united nations. at that meeting, foreign
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ministers also agreed to ban imports of syrian oil into europe. the embargo will take effect in mid november. in syria, a funeral took place for a protester said to have been killed by security forces in aleppo. opposition members say security forces killed at least 14 people during those protests on friday. libya's national transitional council has reaffirmed its commitment to democracy and good governance, one day after international conference in paris unblock billions of bureaus of funds. rebel leaders have extended by one week an ultimatum to gaddafi's supporters to surrender, saying they want to avert further bloodshed. >> the hospital bears witness to the heavy fighting. now, doctors have returned to
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performing operations, with help from specialists blown in from other countries. -- flown in from other countries. >> we have tried to upgrade the capacity to cope with this particular kind of pathology. >> in the capital, tripoli, residents are adjusting to life without libya's longtime leader. the new authorities are trying to get things back to normal, as much as they can. the man who ruled this country for 42 years has not been apprehended. gaddafi has vowed to fight a long battle, urging his supporters to rise up. but here, his calls have fallen on deaf ears. security is very good in tripoli. we don't care about threats anymore. the national transitional council has set about building proper institutions of state,
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still reeling from the physical destruction of war, and foreign governments have been doing their part, too, re-establishing diplomatic missions in the libyan capital. >> it is a very important day for italy. we have never ceased relations with the people of libya and we are here to reestablish direct contact in tripoli with the new authorities. >> many libyans are looking ahead to getting the country back on track after months of conflict. the interim government has extended an earlier ultimatum, giving gaddafi it loyalists until the end of next week to surrender. >> the un's atomic energy agency says it is increasingly concerned about iran's possible efforts to develop a nuclear payload for a missile. in a confidential report given to the ,iaea says it has information that iran has installed equipment for enriching higher grade uranium
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at an underground bunker. iran has dismissed the allegations and has always insisted its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. >> mark is back with some not so impressive news about the u.s. labor market. x. it has been a gloomy day for european markets, but the u.s. markets were also under pressure this friday. the labor parents is no new jobs were created in august. analysts had expected a gain of 75,000. the white house sharply cut its estimate for domestic growth. says it will grow by 1.7%, down from 2.7% estimate made back in february. thursday, president obama gives a keynote speech to congress on how he wants to boost hiring and growth.
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>> it has been a huge disappointment, and the problem in general is that u.s. corporations are very skeptical about growth in the united states and skeptical about -- hesitant about investing to create new jobs. that is the one problem the u.s. economy is facing. the other problem is that with the financial crisis, so many debts got private up -- paul buck and private sector and got taken over by the government, that now the government is sitting on a huge debt load. they also cannot create new jobs. that is the problem for the u.s. labor market. >> in new york trading, it has just ended for friday. let's take a look at where the dow jones industrial ended, down, the bureau is currently trading at 41.93.
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the biggest trade their kicked off today, bursting at the seams with more than 1400 exhibitors. millions no longer does what she beat, but smart tv. >> at the push of a button, the next generation of television sets will be able to log into the world wide web. viewers will be able to access social media and watch films with the latest apps. >> these applications have been recognized as refined, practical, and easy to use. >> tablet pc's are the real crowd pullers at this year's meeting. apple has shipped a total of 29 million ipad, but toshiba is striking back with the thinnest one of the market yet. sony is pulling out of stocks with two tablets, including a folding version.
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devices are becoming increasingly versatile. >> it will see a lot of hard work disappearing because it is no longer needed. a lot of desktop functions will migrate from devices to the internet and the cloud. but the majority of film fans will still have to down specs to watch the latest films and greedy. toshiba is the only company providing a glasses-free viewing experience. >> who is in davidschtor? he claimed a surprise victory in shot put on friday, taking home the gold for germany and forcing his rivals to take notice. >> the new world champion broke an american stranglehold on the discipline. for the past 20 years, the u.s. has always been a on themed meds
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board. >> at 21.5 meters, his initial attempt was a personal -- personal best, an unsettled the competition. then came the german's final, all or nothing shot. landing in at 21.78 meters, it was another personal best. >> it is crazy. that is pretty good. >> there is disappointment for germany in the javelin. she only got to fourth place. maria from russia which a victory, and dissatisfaction was clear for all to hear.
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the russian and beat the czech olympic champion, has secured second place. >> holy cow, she is back. yvonne has returned home. she eluted search parties with amazing skill for just over three months. now she will be allowed to live out her live in peace. >> a cow's exciting adventures have finally come to an end. this is not the story of the return of any ordinary bovine. meet yvonne, the celebrity cud- chewer. she received a warm welcome, if only cows could read. she escaped from a bar in bavaria and led authorities on a wild chase through the fields and woods of southern germany. yvonne made headlines across the country and the world, especially once officials gave
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permission for her to be shot. but german tabloid even put a reward out for her captor. but now, yvonne has showed up, close to our old stomping grounds on a nearby farm. her owners are relieved. but she was looking for home. she is a herd animals, after all. it is great it ended this way. >> it did take two sedatives before they could get the frisky bovine into a trailer. yvonne is now reunited with her son. soon she will be put back out to pasture, but maybe with a slightly higher fence. >> she really knows how to milk a story, doesn't she? stay with us, we will be right back with our in-depth report.
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dax welcome back, everyone. libyans are entering the weekend with more to be hopeful about.
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the transitional council has secured the backing of the international community, with billions of heroes of funding. rebel leaders want to focus on bringing about peace, stability, and reconciliation in a new, democratic libya. but the changes ahead are immense. the wounds of the conflict are still wide open. two of our reporters have just returned from libya, now country in transition. they started their journey at the border crossing from tunisia, and then traveled east, through cities that saw heavy fighting because key oilfields are located there. they ended their travels and the capital, tripoli. here is the report. >> god is great. cliveden -- libyan rebels' wreak travelers with the tradition of gun fire. since the rebels assume control of the border crossing points, exiled or the bins can travel from tunisia to tripoli without fear. the rebels have set up
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checkpoints every few kilometers along the route. >> he and his family fled to tunisia. he asked the rebels for news from his home town. many people there were killed in the fighting. during his time away, he had little contact with his family and friends. telephones in libya are still unreliable. his arrival back in his hometown was a cause for celebration, especially because he had made a just-in-time for the end of ramadan fasting. >> i am very glad to be back home again. finally i can see my family. i thank god for that. the city of zawahri is on the
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road to recovery. there are signs of fighting everywhere. but of the's drugs bombarded the city for months before the rebels finally defeated them -- at topsy's troops -- gadhafi's tropps bombarded them for months. >> we treat the prisoners will. we don't beat them. we don't shout at them. we treat them according to the loss. those on not our borders, those are our principles, the principles of the rebels. >> he is in charge of organizational matters, including contact with foreign journalists. the 21-year-old is one of the volunteers responsible for security. he says he is doing it for the new libya. he wants democracy and the rule of law, not like under gaddafi create >> we will brothers in any -- every part of the country. we will be one people. bit of the always wanted to
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divide us of according to tribes. he played us off against each other. >> the capital, tripoli, has also been badly affected by the fighting. it is libya's largest city, where some 2 million people live, one-third of the libyan population. the rebels finally captured the city two weeks ago. now, people have been painting over images of muammar gaddafi with symbols of freedom. this man says he was never able to express his opinions freely, he was never able to draw what he wanted, until now. >> we should pay everywhere. we are very happy about this revolution. people are less happy about the rubbish piling up in the city streets, another consequence of six months of fighting. some of the many foreign workers who had left the city are starting to come back and resume their work.
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slowly, some semblance of normality is returning to the city. gasoline has become scarce, perhaps the ultimate irony in such an oil-rich country. kilometers long lines form in front of the few open gas stations. residents say conditions were even worse when gaddafi was in charge. now they have to wait in line for an average of two to three hours. before the rebels took tripoli, it took six hours before they got to the pumps. during the war, the adoptive restricted the supply of gas to stop people leaving the city d -gadaffi restricted the supply of gas. we fell large stores of feel that he had been hoarding. the problem now is that everyone wants to fill up at the same time. i think everything will be back to normal in two or three days, if not before.
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>> two weeks ago, black market fuel cost up to 50 times the current price. now, most people are reacting calmly to the long waiting times. they see it as the price of freedom. >> i swear by all that i am ready to stand in line for 10 days. gas does not interest me anymore since the tyrant is gone. we drink salt water and it tastes like honey, so long as the tyrant is gone. >> the market square in this district is one of tripoli's biggest. the liberation of the border crossings to tunisia made the market possible. most of the produce on sale comes from tunisia. the biggest concern in tripoli right now is and remains water supplies. the main supply dried up days
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ago, and she cannot afford to buy much water. she is upset because her children have to suffer because of the fighting. she believes water is being used as a bargaining chip. >> since the liberation of tripoli, there has been no water, because the supply has been turned off. that region is still under the control of muammar gaddafi. >> police patrols have resumed on the streets of the capital. but the rebels are still the main guarantee of security in the city. they have come from all over libya. among them is co-lead, who hails from benghazi. he has fought with the rebels from the beginning. the 18-year-old is searching for explosives and checking identity papers. the rebels greatest fear is that the loyalists could launch attacks on public places where there are a lot of people.
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>> gaddafi is no longer worth anything. he is on his own, with no soldiers are weapons. he cannot do anything to us because this is our homeland. if we don't protect it, who will? >> it was the location for most of the dictators propaganda speeches. the flag of the new libya flies over the square. every evening, city residents come here to celebrate the revolution. it can get loude.. not everyone is happy. this man tries to persuade the rebels not to shoot into the air. the rebels come from the front and express their joy by shooting. we don't want that. it is dangerous, and it
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frightens the women and children. >> many of the rebels agree. they say they will hand in their weapons when the fighting is over. for now, the residents of tripoli keep celebrating. even though essential supplies are scarce in the city. since gaddafi and his supporters have left, they feel safer. the one thing that could make them happier would be news that the former dictator has been captured. >> the new libya, a changing country. that has been the focus of our in-depth report. as always, thanks for watching. thanks for the company, and have a very good weekend, everyone. captioned by the national captioning institute
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